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CCLC Vision Items For 2021


CCLC is ONE body, on ONE mission, to lead ONE person to Christ in 2021

How can you join with us in this?

1) Make a List of 5 or 6 people in your life or sphere of influence and place that list in a place where it can be seen regularly( fridge, bathroom mirror, car dashboard, etc)

2) Pray daily for an opportunity to lead this person one step closer to Jesus this year. This opportunity could be a conversation where you regularly meet this person, or an opportunity to help them through a situation(financial, emotional, etc)

3) Look for opportunity through planned CCLC events to give them an opportunity to meet our community. You might also find that a smaller group like a CCLC E3 group could give you a better opportunity.

4) Ask our church leadership for advice about what to do next, and give us specific things that we can pray for about your ONE


It is only by engaging with your relationship with Jesus that you can truly be EMPOWERED to do the work that he has called us to do.

How can you join with us in this?

1) Participate in our Sunday morning gathering, we have provided an opportunity that are medically unable to join us in person. Unfortunately it does not compare to the experience of being a united body on Sunday morning. The more engaged we are with this opportunity for blessing, the more EMPOWERED we will be to do His work. As you have the ability, let’s make 2021 different than 2020.

2) Participate in our practicing of the 7 EMPOWERING practices. Each month we challenge the body to walk out one of these 7 practices through a weekly discipline. These are posted weekly to our churches website. We are asking you to not just read the practice….. We are asking you to walk out this practice in your daily walk. It is by practicing these that we are EMPOWERED not merely by being informed of them. This usually sees little participation. Let’s make 2021 different.

3) Participate in any opportunity to grow your spirit throughout the year through our events at CCLC. We offer things like retreats, and conferences, and worship nights, and prayer nights. All of these are intended to help strengthen the bond between you and what is EMPOWERING. This usually sees little participation. Let’s make 2021 different.


Our church looks to EXTEND the kingdom of God in so many different ways. We do this through events, we do this through specific ministries within the church, we do this through missions support, and we do this through our food pantry which functions out of our building. Another major way we look to EXTEND the kingdom every year is through the prayerful us of the previous years “harvest offering”. These are the final decisions made by our church leadership on how the 2020 harvest offering will be used.

Missions- 7,184

Internal Needs- 5,388

Food Pantry- 7,184

Community Outreach-5,388

Local COVID Benevolence- 10,778

Total: 35,922.30


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