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Jesus shows us in His ministry that He was not focused on the crowds. He frequently left large groups and went away to be with a smaller group to pray, and study (see Luke 9:16-18). This practice built up the disciples that started His church. Here at CCLC we want to follow His example, so we provide multiple ways you can do that because we all learn differently. Find the group that works for you and lock in to the life giving community that can be found in each and every one of these smaller groups of our church body.

Our E3 Groups ministry is the reflection and extension of what we exist for as a church. Jesus dedicated so much time in His ministry to three areas, COMMUNING with the Father, SERVING those around Him, and FELLOWSHIP with those he loved. Each of our E3 groups are following that example. We Commune by studying the word, praying, and listening to what He needs us to do. Each group serves the community around them at least once a month by giving what we have when others need it. Finally we fellowship or as we like to say “throw a party for Jesus” and invite those around us to see the community we are forming here through Jesus.

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