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Reminder of Truth

This month has been centered on "celebrating the Victory we have in Christ", and each week we have tried to create an opportunity for you to be able to EMBRACE that reality in your walk with Christ. Whether that be "Counting Blessings", "Playing", or simply "Seeing Grace", we hope you were able to celebrate Christ this month. That being said for the final week of the month we would like you to reflect inwardly and outwardly at the ways that this has reminded you of a "Truth". What about the practices has pointed you back to Him and His will for you. Let me start by sparing you a longer post and instead giving you some practical steps at walking this out this week.....

1) Reflect- which of the weekly practices had the most profound impact on your joy this week? How did it remind you of truth?

2) Determine- Why this reminded you of a truth in your heart? Also how do you intend to continue to claim this on a more regular basis?

3) Share- What you have been given by the Spirit in these exercises is not something that you were meant to keep to yourself, you were meant to share with those who do not have what you have. This more than anything is the practice i am challenging you to this week.

4) Act- Once you have determined Which had the biggest impact, and what truth you were reminded of you need to step towards the person who needs that truth and give it to them. Don't hesitate or deliberate, just walk in faith and obedience towards the person who needs to learn the joy of celebration that you were given this month!


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