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Letter To God

This practice is one that is relatively simple and straight forward but if done correctly it can really help you focus. Start this practice by thinking about letters to people in your life and what you might say to them. Consider what the purpose of a letter is and why you would want to write one to someone, then just take those same principles and apply them to your relationship with God.

      Given all the recent events it is clear that there are some things that people should be concerned about, or have questions about, or would like to just talk about. These events are impacting people in different ways all over the country and in all different demographics so there is no question as to "if" you are thinking about them but "what" you think about them. Your heavenly Father wants to be a part of those thoughts, but if we are honest we are easily distracted from thinking about talking to God about our thoughts. Even when we take the time to include Him we have a tendency to drift in and out of thoughts.

       Writing a letter has a profound way of helping us channel our thoughts into something physical and makes the chain of thought more consistent and focused. Think of this letter as a conversation concerning what's happening from your perspective to God. Write your story our as you would if you were telling someone for the first time, what you will find is that the next time you talk to someone about this it will be easier to convey.

Here are some practical steps to help you in this process.....

1) What Do You See?

2) How Does It Impact You?

3) What Is New Concerning You?

4) What Do You Hope/Look Forward To?

5) Where Do You See God In Recent Events?

Try to write at least a page long letter and write it in a way that might help you tell the contents of that letter to someone in your life.


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