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Intentional Reading

Making Your Reading Meaningful

Don't you wish your bible reading could be more meaningful sometimes? There is no question to the importance of being engaged with the Word of God, but there is always going to be an opportunity to dive just a little deeper. As we look at being devoted to the word this week, let us also look at being intentional with that reading so that it does not become just some "to do" item in our day. Intentionality is a simple adjustment of your mindset before going into any activity, so how do you do it?

Taking Steps Towards Intentionality

consider what it means to be intentional in any other category of life, pick one that is easy like a conversation (reading scripture is much like a conversation). You would want to make eye contact with the person while they speak, you would also want to actually listening which usually leads you to make comments like "I never knew that". Depending on the conversation you might even want to write down some of what they said to you in the event that you would want to remember what they said. Lastly, but certainly not least is the importance of not being in a rush to leave the conversation. Have you ever talked to someone who clearly did not want to talk to you? I know i have, now imagine that person is your heavenly father who was willing to suffer and die so that you could have life. Being intentional is not just a good thing for you, it is also respectful to the one who is speaking.

Putting Intentionality Into Practice

1) Eye Contact- this seems strange to say, but your heart can look at Jesus while you read. Be aware of his presence with you in the room and acknowledge Him. After you have made "eye contact" you can start the conversation.

2) Listen- The words on the page are not just words on a page, they are the voice of your father speaking to His child. What is he saying? why is he saying it? how can what you are reading be meaningful for your life?

3)Comments- As you read something meaningful or impactful, try to thank God for speaking to you this way. Maybe it is encouraging, or convicting, or even just a reminder of something you had forgiven. When you do this you are also reminding yourself that God is in the room with you

4)Notes- Taking notes is a great practice for your spiritual health. you can go back and reference the things that you wrote later and remind yourself of how God spoke to you.

5)Be Present- let yourself stay with God for a while. Block out a time window where you can be REALLY WITH HIM. Don't rush the experience, just sit and speak with Him for a while through the word


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