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A Step In The Right Direction

I believe that all of us can collectively let go a sigh of relief as we walk away from 2020. A year of wildfires, and aggression, and fear, and disease. In that same breath of relief we also breathe in all that was accomplished in 2020. A year of collaboration, a year of compromise, a year of sacrificial love, and a genuine desire for community. So then, now that we have come into a new month, and a new year, with a new outlook on life… what should we do? What steps can we take in the first month of a new year to ensure that we are in step with the kingdom? I personally believe it starts with taking the first step…. Whatever that means for you personally.

The kingdom requires that each one of us takes steps to point others to the reality of Jesus Christ as the redeemer that he says that he is. When we look at those steps that God places in front of each of us there is no question to their difficulty, or discomfort. This is why we call it “serving”, It is not always fun, or easy, and it is not necessarily what we want to do in the moment… but we do it all the same. “Serving Community” is our focus for the month of January for a number of reasons and each one is biblical. First is because we have been commanded by Jesus to go and care for our neighbor, this is not a suggestion or a hopeful wish, It is in fact something that Jesus needs us to do for the creation he loves so much. Second is because the people in your community need you to “serve “ them, If ever there was a time now is it. People have lost jobs, family members, investments, and hope, but the church stands to pick them back up and put them on the right path that leads to life and not destruction. The church has always don’t this, and is called to continue to always do this until Jesus returns. Thirdly is because this “service” will ultimately draw us closer to our God. As we actively take steps in the kingdom of God we are also taking steps WITH the God that we serve as he moves through us. When you do this, the connection and relationship you have with this God is strengthened and bonded closer together.

This “Serving Community” is something that will look entirely different for ach different person, but all the same we are doing ONE thing together. Take time as you read this article to look around your life and notice the people that may need you to step in. There will always be at least one person in your life that would welcome someone who wants to care about them. Pray that the Lord would direct you to that person and then as you have come to see what it is that the person needs pray how you ca meet that need. We live in a culture that prefers to focus in on itself, imagine if the church all collectively stood up and did ONE thing together. What if the church was known for “Serving Community” rather than judgment or hypercriticism? What If that started with you… taking ONE step in the right direction. I believe it would be good, and I believe it would bring honor and glory to the one who sacrificed so much to show His love to you. This month, take a step in the right direction by “Serving Community”


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