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The Life Given

There is a phrase that seems to be coming up more and more as we walk deeper and deeper into 2021. “I thought that this year was going to be better than last year” which of course is a reference to the global events and how it affects their personal life. This perspective on life is only one that will hurt you in the long run. To look at one moment in time (event, holiday, etc) and determine its success by comparing to a previous moment will always leave you empty. Life is not something that should be compared. Life is something that should be celebrated.

What Do I Do Instead

To put it simply, during this time, we ought to lean into the simple Gospel given to us and let everything else be white noise. The best way to accomplish this is by celebrating what Jesus has given us. I’m not talking about our things (house car, tools, family, etc), I am referring to the ONLY thing worth celebrating …. That is Jesus alone. When everything fades away, what still stands is Christ. When all our friends and family have passed away, what stands is Christ. When time has eaten away at everything in existence, what still stands victorious, strong, kind, true, and any other positive description in any language on earth is CHRIST. So what I’m telling you this month in light of everything is CELEBRATE CHRIST AND THE LIFE HE GAVE YOU!

We have no idea what the rest of this year will bring, but Jesus still has victory. We are currently living in a broken world filled with broken people, but Jesus still has victory. We are going to experience pain, disappointment, sadness, and loneliness, but Jesus still has victory and that victory is the only reality that matters. THE ONLY REALITY THAT MATTERS.

So Now What?

So are these just the words of some young pastor who has no idea what you are feeling? No, they are words from an eternal father looking to protect and guide His beloved children.

READ the following and KNOW the word of God:

READ 1 Peter 1:16-25

READ Isaiah 40:1-31

READ 1 John 4:2-19

READ Psalm 90:1-17

There are words of wisdom to be found all over the world, and the majority of those words do provide encouragement for a time, perhaps even for the length of all time. The reality is that time eventually ends and when time ends the words that will stand are the eternal words of love out of the mouth of CHRIST. Don’t waste your time celebrating the words of men. Spend the entirety of your days CELEBRATING CHRIST. The reality that the most powerful being in existence, the one that is eternal, the one who can speak life, laid His life down so that you could claim something so big that we cannot even wrap our tiny brains around it. There is no end to our Joy! There is no end to our Peace! There is no end to our Life!


Grace and Peace,

Dustin B. Cooper


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