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What Does it Mean To be Unhurried?

We live in a fast paced world and everything around us is telling us to move even faster. Surprisingly we never see Jesus in a rush to go anywhere or do anything. In fact He frequently is told where He should be and what He needs to be doing at which point he corrects them in the reality that God has Him exactly where He needs to be (see John 11:1-10). This truth is not just one that we see coming from the example of Jesus, it is also peppered through the whole Old Testament. " be still and know I am God." and "the Lord leads me beside still waters".

Taking Slow Down Seriously

So how do we "slow down" in the 21st century? That is a question that is something that can only be answered on a personal level because each person rushes in their own way. For you maybe its the conversations you have, maybe you look to end the conversation quickly, or maybe you are more interested in speaking than you are in listening. It could be the way you drive, maybe you need to just drive the speed limit (even if you believe its too slow). There are so many ways that we can rush through life, and so many ways to rush past God and miss the way he is trying to speak with you.

Slowing Down This Week

Wake Up Slow- The morning can be a great time to recognize God moving in your life. Don't turn on the news, don't make a list of things to do. Just sit and be with God wherever you are. picture it like being on the swings with God, Maybe you talk... maybe you don't.... maybe you swing...... maybe you don't. There should be no expectation, simply find a space to enjoy being with God and then just do that for as long as possible.

Take In Your Surrounding- Every place you go, and everything you see has been provided by God's blessing. So wherever that is and whatever that is, it can be appreciated. Maybe its your office space, or the drive to work, or even the way they decorated your favorite coffee shop. Just take a moment and pause to appreciate where you are and what you have. Then thank God for that moment.

Read Slow- Don't read scripture to get somewhere, read to be with someone. When you open scripture, one way to slow down and enjoy just being with God is by opening the proverbs, or the psalms and just seeing where the Spirit is asking you to read. Keep some paper close by so that you can write down what the Spirit is speaking to you and really intentionally just look for God to speak with you.

All of these can be done any day and any time, hopefully you find a way to apply these practical practices and use them for the places in your life that you tend to find yourself rushing. God truly wants to be with you, and the only thing that gets in the way of that is your busyness. Find a way to slow down this week and remember that He is God and He loves you.


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