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Treasure Your Treasure

We live in a culture that says “look out for #1”. This means you care for yourself before you care for others. We have already been exponentially blessed by Jesus and he calls us to love others before we love ourselves. If Jesus is our treasure, then we should treasure the other people in our life the way He would. How?

Giving generously is not just a practice of giving of the things that we have, it is also giving of the things that we are gifted with within ourselves. Being a carrier of the Holy spirit we should "bare fruit" like kindness, and gentleness (see Galatians 5:22-23). The more often we use these, the more prominent they become in our lives. The more prominent those things are, the more often the Spirit can do a work in others lives. This week we are intentionally putting these fruits into practice in all the areas of our life. Not just Home. Not Just Church. All People. Walk as Jesus Walked

Living Unselfishly at Home

· Take the time to ask a family member how they are doing and really mean it. Desire to know where they are in their daily walk

· Invite your family to spend the evening the way they want. Watch them enjoy what brings them joy instead of looking for your own enjoyment.

Living Unselfishly at Work

· Have you ever asked “what are you working on that I might be able to help with”?you never know where that request might take you.

· Try just to make a coffee or tea for others or maybe just bring treats for them to all enjoy. Watch them enjoy the way you have given of yourself.

Living Unselfishly Daily

· When driving let people in instead of passing people or making it so they cannot get in, find ways to make the road less about where you are going and more about where they are.

· Whenever you are out shopping look for ways to allow others to go before you or perhaps even help them with their grocery bill by paying for the person behind you.


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