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Touch Lives

We live in a culture that has made a large portion of our human interaction something virtual. This virtual interaction is something that can be seen as a negative, or we can try to capitalize on what could be an opportunity for the kingdom. In 2023 we are looking to intentionally invest in our neighbors(the 8 people God places closest to you that are far from Him) and this practice will help you in those efforts.

Why Should I Touch Lives?

April is focused on "Celebrating Victory" which is choosing to live a life that is illuminated by the victory that Jesus won on the cross and all that this victory gives to those who believe in Jesus. That positive, joy filled, life is one that may not be regularly experienced by your neighbor but you do have an opportunity to give them some of the light you carry and then in that simple act of positive kindness "connect your soul" to theirs.

"if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.2 Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."- Galatians 6:1-2

Transgression produces shame, and darkness of the soul which makes someone negative and depressed. these feelings can be internalized to the point where you cannot even tell they feel that way.

How Can I Touch Someone's Life?

The simple answer is choosing to engage in person to person interaction in a genuine Sprit led way to provoke meaningful conversation.

1) Make Them A Priority- realize that this person is in some place lacking in the category of value, they feel unloved or forgotten by people or by God. So first and foremost show them that you are not that way. Set a reminder and reach out to them daily and over time they will notice that you value them in a way that no others do.

2) Show Them You Understand- when you are going through something difficult everyone wants to give you the answer to how you can "feel better". That is usually not what the person is looking for. More often than not they just want to be understood and listened to. Make it a point to hold back your desire to tell them how they can "fix" their "problem" and just listen to them. As you do this you will actually find that you will understand even more what they need.

3) Give them your time- This time with this person is not something that needs to be a rushed event, remember they need to feel that they are a "priority" and that you want to be there with them. This will require that you take your time and know going in to each conversation that you are in fact "giving them your time" meaning it is no longer your time and that this time is not wasted because it is not yours.

4) Share your light while you are with them- as you connect your soul to theirs, you will find opportunity to pour light into dark places. Remember you are not correcting their problems, you are sharing what has helped you. remind them of the beautiful things in their life, show them where what they have is good and beautiful. When they ask you how you stay so positive, joyful, hopeful, etc. you can tell them about Jesus and the beautiful community at CCLC that has shared that with you.


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