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Secret Service

The EMPOWERING practice that we are working on this week involves that you do five things that will lift someone else's burden. Any act that lightens someones load will do. Examples include: doing someones laundry, filling someones car with gas, cleaning someones room, helping with a home project, driving someone where they need to go, or helping someone complete a task.

some other examples:

  • listen... really listen to someone

  • offer to serve at a local non-profit

  • help someone with homework

  • borrow someones car only for the purposes of washing and cleaning it.

  • ask God to send you someone who is in need.... watch out for this one!

This week Go and give me five intentional acts of kindness and sensible acts of beauty because this is indeed what the heart of our God looks like. There is a catch however. The goal of this is for the kindness to be secret... un-praised... selfless... and unexpected. All of the greatest kindness in someones action can be snuffed out by that person talking about how it "made them feel" which takes the service away from the person that "had a need". This is a service to a neighbor in the same spirit as Jesus' Heart. Self sacrificing, selfless, others centered, eternal love for the person n your community who needs you.


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