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Recognize Grace

Why recognizing grace is important

This Month we are focused of "celebrating victory" because of the accomplishments of Christ and the discipline that we are putting into practice this week helps us to "Love our Neighbor As Ourselves". The term grace is in reference to receiving something that you have not earned or deserved from God, recognizing that grace will both draw you closer to God and EMPOWER you because of being so connected to Him.

Let us start with recognizing the grace in our life so that we can better recognize the grace that we need to EXTEND this week.

Personal side of this practice.....

1) Finding Space- Take time to place yourself in a location where you can be still for a few minutes and be sure that you are comfortable before beginning. Bring a piece of paper and pin to reflect while you do this.

2) Prayer- Come to the Father and in a prayer of recognition of His being with you and ask Him to guide you in recognizing the grace in your life. Ask that He open the "eyes to your heart" so that you can see Him and all He is doing. Give him thanks for the reality that we can come to him and ask Him to aid us in our struggles.

3) Reflection- Take your pen and paper and start to write down the ways that God has given you something, or someone that you do not deserve and have not earned. This should be both in the Spiritual element of your life as well as the physical. What is it about these things that makes them something that you are thankful for?

4) Celebration- This exercise is something that enables you to walk through the day knowing that you have already received so much from God. You should be full having been reminded of what is already in your life actively at work from God. This is ultimately the way God has intended you to walk every day of your life.

Using This for the Other People In Your Life....

1) Finding Space- Same as before...Take time to place yourself in a location where you can be still for a few minutes and be sure that you are comfortable before beginning. don't forget a pen and paper

2) Prayer- this time ask god to reveal to you who it is that you need to EXTEND grace towards this week. then same as before take the time to thank him for the ability to come to Him.

3) Reflection- Write down on your paper who is it in your life that needs to receive grace from you this year. Who in your life could be lead to the grace of God because of you being in their life. write the names down and any other thoughts that may be attributed to that.

4)Celebration- Thank God for his leading of your journey and walk in the light of His involvement of you leading those God placed around you to Christ.


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