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Copy of E3 Group Questions

Dive in: Open in a prayer. Then talk as a group about This month’s EMPOWERING practice “Daily Devotion” and if you were able to practice it this week. Were you able to Try our weekly discipline? If you failed or struggled talk about what may have led to that failure.

Read: Ephesians 4:17-32 (consider breaking up the passage among the group)

Dig Deep: *It is more important that you talk, than if you finish*

Question 1: Where in life have you seen the importance of individual people using their personality and giftedness for others?

Question 2: What kind of giftedness do you see in yourself? ..... what giftedness do you see in the people who are with you?

Question 3: Read 4:10-13. How can knowing that Jesus gives more than just a promise of eternal life, have impacts on your relationship with God

Question 4: Considering that their is no way to count the "worth" of what Jesus gives to mankind. What does "living a life worthy of the calling" mean?

Question 5: Jesus talks multiple times about the importance of what "comes out of the heart". What ways are you challenged by the call to "put off the old self"?

Walk It Out: This week we are focused on “letting goand how that pertains to DAILY DEVOTION. Jesus has freely invited us to come to experience the empowering practices we see in his ministry. One of the ways we can do this is by choosing to practice "letting go" in your daily walk with Jesus. If you would like more information on how you can do this you can read the blog on this topic at….


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