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Celebrate Victory: Count Blessings

A new month means a new focus for our body of believers, this month we will be focused on celebrating the victory we have in Christ. Celebration is something that we are good at when the times are good, but we are called to celebrate Jesus even in our trials "when you face tribulation count it as a blessing"-James1:2-4.

God is faithful to His children and most of the time it is just a matter of noticing the ways that he has moved in your life. There is no better time for the body of Christ to celebrate the goodness of God, and one of the best ways to celebrate Him is by remembering His faithfulness in all the areas of your life.

Counting your blessings can be done in a number of different ways depending on your personal schedule. You can do this as few as once a month(not suggested because you will forget), weekly, or daily. Blessing is anything that draws you closer to God and His love for you. It is not always something that you receive that you needed, sometimes its just a moment that draws you closer to God like a good nap or a meaningful conversation with someone.

Whichever counting works best for you the goal is for you to do this in our current week, find a way to write these down and then store them, I would suggest a spiral note paper book that you only write blessings and prayers in. The other plus to this method is when you feel discouraged you can pull this notebook out and remind yourself of God's presence in your life.Here are some practical ways to do each of those.

Daily Counting- This is one that I would suggest especially with the given state of our country and the extra free time we have been given. The first time can be daunting because you don't know where to start but all you have to do is narrow your focus. How were you blessed this morning?(beautiful sunrise, perfect cup of coffee, inspirational devotion time) How have you been blessed this afternoon?(special time of worship, an encouraging phone call)How have you been blessed this evening?(wonderful time with family, a positive day,

Weekly Counting- What has God done in your personal life this week that reminded you of His goodness? What has God done in your friends/family lives this week? what has God done in our country this week? What has God done around the world this week? When have you felt the closest to God.

There is no right way or wrong way to do this, the goal of this is to remind yourself that God is good and He is faithful to His children. You don't need to over think this discipline, let yourself just sink into God's goodness like a big fluffy couch. When you get up off that couch you will be full of celebration because of what Christ has won you.


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