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Blessed To Be A Blessing

What Does Making Space Do?

Giving generously to other people is a critical aspect of following Christ’s example. We fail to do this most of the time because we do not have anything we can justify giving to others. We could justify giving more generously if we created space for that giving. Margin simply means empty space and we can do this with all of the areas of our life….. including our finance. the key in this weeks practice is to make it Spiritual.

How can you make this Spiritual instead of Physical?

When you look at the places you spend your money it is important to reflect on how much of that is simply for our own pleasure. Everything we have..... Everything..... was given to you by God. The purpose of that blessing was so that you would be a blessing to others. Undoubtedly God desires you to enjoy the things He blesses you with, including food, family, and hobbies. That enjoyment that you experience can also come from blessing other people and knowing that you have done something that God would have done.

How Can Blessing Others Bless Me?

the simple fact is that you are hindered in the enjoyment god intended for you when the resources He has given you to work with are spent primarily on your own enjoyment. This journey to know where God is asking you to give and how God is asking you to give is a journey that only you can decide to walk, and only you can know when you have walked far enough.

How Can I Practically Do This In My Life?

1. Thank God for all he has given you in life. Spend time naming those things in your prayer

2. Praise him for the ways he provides for you every day. List the ways god blesses you daily.

3. Meditate inwardly on the ways you provide for yourself…… how many of those are needs?

4. Ask God to guide you in generosity, continue to trust that he will provide in the way He always has for you.

5. Spend time looking at the ways you can create “margin” in the ways you focus on yourself.

6. Where can you eliminate some of that to self-focus and turn it on God’s kingdom?

7. Pray about where you can take the excess from the “margin” and give it generously.


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