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A church that only studies God’s Word together but does not EMBRACE the practices found within has a tendency to turn inward, caring primarily for themselves. Acts 2 paints a picture of biblical community that is both inward and outward focused. Maintaining the practice of serving reinforces to the church that we are most like Jesus when we do what Jesus did and are with the people He was with.

““Let us also be generous, and let us open the door to poor brethren and receive them with a joyful countenance. If we are deceived now and then, well and good. In spite of this our good will is demonstrated to God, and the kind act…is not lost on Christ, in whose name we are generous. Hence just as we should not intentionally and knowingly support the idleness of slothful people, so, when we have been deceived, we should not give up this eagerness to do good to others.””

- Martin Luther

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