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LifeWay led a significant study that revealed time in God’s Word as the far-and-away leading metric for a person’s spiritual growth. In fact, by developing a discipline of daily devotion, all other areas of our spiritual growth rise as well. More time in God’s Word means you serve more, give more, and are more deeply engaged in the local church. Scripture is so much more than words on a page, it is an EMPOWERING well overflowing with the life that God desires us to have.

“The gospel of Jesus Christ must not be just an aspect of your theology. It must not be relegated to the “religious” dimension of your life. Your relationship with God through Jesus Christ is your life. It touches and alters every aspect of your existence; it redefines your identity. It infuses your life with new meaning and purpose, and it completely reshapes your destiny.”

- Paul David Tripp

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