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This is an act of worship, fully recognizing God’s presence and power in our lives. When we celebrate we transfer our attention from the story to the Author of the story. Throughout the Old Testament, we see God interacting with His people, then they stop and build and alter, and worship God for what He has done. Imagine if God’s people  practiced continually EXTENDED worship to God together for what He has done in our midst on a daily basis.

“Probably earthly pleasures were never meant to satisfy it(pleasure), but only to arouse it, to suggest the real thing. If that is so, I must take care, on the one hand, never to despise, or to be unthankful for, these earthly blessings, and on the other, never to mistake them for the something else of which they are only a kind of copy, or echo, or mirage. I must keep alive in myself the desire for my true country, which I shall not find till after death; I must never let it get snowed under or turned aside; I must make it the main object of life to press on to that country and to help others to do the same.”

- C.S. Lewis

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