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De- accumulation

The title explains itself..... the majority of us have accumulated too much. Sometimes we accumulate too much of the same thing. If Jesus is the most important thing, it should be easy to give away 2 of the 7 jackets that you have. Do you need 7? How many dish sets do you have? how many unused things just stack up over time and do nothing for us other than take up space(which makes us feel like we need MORE space for MORE things).

Consider for a moment what it would be like to receive the one thing that you could not afford from a person. Imagine if that person prayed over the items in their hose and determined that they had no need for the fifth and sixth items in this category and felt like God was asking them to give those away. Imagine the moment when the giver learns that the item they prayed over is the exact thing they have been trying to save up for over the last month! not only have you saved them the trouble of buying one, but now that money can be put to a better use.

We serve a God who "gives and takes away". If you are in a season where you can give what you have because you do not need it GIVE IT AWAY. someone needs what you have, it only takes a simple willingness to point someone to an almighty God and an eternal salvation through the simple gift of something that you did not even need.

Give this a shot.....

1) Pray- ask god to lead you in the way that you should give, what is it that you are "saving for a rainy day" or telling yourself "I'll get back into that again". Let God show you what you need to give.

2) Pray- Pray over the specific items that God is asking you to Give. ask where they are supposed to go, and how you are going to give them.

3) Act- do deliberate for a few days and convince yourself not to, just respond in faith.

4) Connect

- When you give, do it in a way that Jesus would. Show the person who is reconciling the love that lead you to do this in the first place.

5)Give Thanks- Remind yourself of the ways that God has continued to bless you! Then after you gave to others....give to God the thanks for all he is doing INCLUDING the opportunity to bless another person, It's all for His glory.


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